Sunday, 20 January 2013


I awoke, and it was already snowing. Even so I decided to venture out to Dartford as a really showy Slavonian Grebe had been found at Littlebrook. Well, all I can say is that it was the most obliging Slav I've ever seen and despite the snow, I managed some reasonable images.
With the snow getting heavier and Karen wanting to be picked up, Rotherhithe was calling. And so I hit the beach, where there were a load of larids loafing. And amongst them was my first Yellow-legged Gull in Rotherhithe for 2013, a nice enough, fairly advanced 3rd-winter bird looking pretty p*ssed off with life in the snow.

Otherwise, I just chilled out and had a nice walk through all my regular haunts listening and looking out for stuff, but quite a bit of the passerines seemed to have vacated the area bar a handful of Redwings, while parakeets were squawking about a bit more than usual. Here are a few Rotherhithe snow scenes: - 

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