Thursday, 10 January 2013

Great Knots colour-ringed and en masse

Still going through the left over things from Thailand. On Christmas Eve, in the Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale area, Great Knots were a common sight which was great. Across the saltpans, probably thousands present although quite skittish and always alert. Really distinctive jizz, despite their comparatively none descript winter plumage.
In amongst the masses of this species, was a colour-flagged bird green over orange 'EP'.
colour-flagged Great Knot, Pak Thale, Thailand 24th Dec 2012
Simon Buckell kindly sorted me out with a list of possible flagging schemes on the Asian flyway -  where it was quickly apparent it was a Chinese flagged bird - and then duly sent the details away. And a quick reply revealed: -
'this GK was banded at Yalujiang, China on 15 April 2012, with a capture body mass of 212g. The bird was also attached with a radio tag in spring 2012. The radio tag on the bird should have been lost during moult... and the bird was last seen at the ringing site on 19 May 2012.' Thanks to Simon and Clare Morton for promptly getting all this info together.

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