Monday, 3 February 2014

Med Gull madness

With nice weather yesterday, I headed out with Karen for the afternoon with the intention of doing something I'd been meaning to do for ages. Go to Southend Pier to papp a few Med Gulls. I wasn't disappointed, with all ages showing well, which included three white-ringed Belgian birds including a bird I'd seen at the tip nearby on 14th December 2014. There was also a nice confiding Shag, as well as a load of Turnstones and a solitary Knot. All in all, a very pleasant afternoon stroll along the Essex seaside. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Med Gull, adults (above two photos), Southend Pier 2nd Feb 2014

Med Gull, second-winters (above three photos), Southend Pier 2nd Feb 2014.

Med Gull, first-winter (above photo), Southend Pier 2nd Feb 2014.

Belgian-ringed adult Med Gulls, Southend 2nd Feb 2014 - the left hand bird (E494) ringed as a chick near Antwerp in 2010 and has spent every winter since birth at Southend Pier (as well as being seen at Rye, East Sussex last April) while the right hand bird was also ringed near Antwerp, as a chick in 2002, and I saw this bird nearby at the tip in December 2013.
Shag, Southend Pier 2nd Feb 2014.

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