Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cachinnans weekend fix

Being on a weekend thing with work that spilled over to 1pm on Saturday severely curtailed any meaningful birding that I'd have otherwise got involved in. And that includes going to the tip, although with a puncture from last week, the Land Rover was out of action anyway. Between the writing of the gulls section of the London Bird Report for 2012 and collecting tiles for the refurb of our bathrooms, I managed to grab a few hours out this morning. All the local sites were quiet except for when I spent an hour scanning through the gulls on the flooded fields off Bob Dunn Way, Dartford and came up with this beauty: -

Caspian Gull 1st-winter in flooded fields off Bob Dunn Way, Dartford Marshes, Kent 9th Feb 2014.
So, despite the limited amount of time I had, it was once again another cachinnans friendly weekend. Quite a few bits and bobs turning up too, so may get a little twitchy for Saturday before I head off to Ireland for the week. That should be half decent...

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