Friday, 21 June 2013

Still she stays in Rotherhithe

June is always grim round these ends, but having a quality bird, the female Long-tailed Duck, within walking distance of my flat at this time of year has meant only one - I have become a slave to the bird. Before work each day I check on her, after work I have been checking on her and then when I can't find her I worry. Well, not quite, but when she's been absent from Canada Water - just like today - I've checked other areas of the patch to find her. And this evening, for the first time, she was on Surrey Water.

Other goings on in Rotherhithe include one unattached Reed Warbler still singing his heart out by Canada Water station, Common Terns fishing in Canada Water (though no nests occupied at Surrey Water once again), at least two pairs of Egyptian Geese roaming around and good numbers of Sand and House Martins can consistently be found over Surrey Water.


  1. I hope you will not mind me saying this but this one short post somehow encapsulates for me anyway, the joy of birdwatching. It brought a smile to the lips; the reference to the L-TD of course (I popped over to see her a couple of weeks ago) but particularly the reference to the 'unattached' Reed Warbler.

    Mike Robinson

  2. Thank you for the update. I love the terns in particular.

  3. Thank you both - the Long-tailed Duck is indeed keeping me occupied as she was present again this evening (though I couldn't find her anywhere yesterday!). The Reed Warbler was still at it a couple of days ago, though think he will draw a blank with mates this year. And Common Terns are still active, had nice views of one at Greenland Dock, but seems they have failed to breed this year unfortunately.

  4. I am so sorry to comment here but I cannot find any other contact details for you. You've probably seen this already but there were news reports today that a new specie of bird has been discovered in Columbia, in the Amazon - an a very pretty one too:
    I thought that it might be of interest.
    I haven't seen any terns on Greenland Dock but I am keeping an eye open!

  5. Thanks Andie- interesting news from Columbia, appreciate the link. I live on Greenland Dock myself, and Common Terns are actually quite a rare sight here; much easier if you go to Surrey Water as there are a couple regularly on the platforms there. The Long-tailed Duck was back on Canada Water yesterday and this morning. All the best Richard.