Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Homage to Peckham's Long-tailed Duck

June in southeast London really isn't the time or place for a Long-tailed Duck. But this lost female was still about on the lake at Peckham Rye Park on Monday evening, still showing well, so I headed back there after school. Arriving at c.7pm, I was hoping that there'd be a little less glare than on Sunday where the white plumage was burnt out a bit on my photos. There was less glare, but there was also a reduction in light and shutter speed.

Yesterday I stopped off at Peckham Rye Park with Josh J before our weekly game of footy, and unfortunately the bird had done one. Mind you, you'd really have to know the size of the so called 'lake' to appreciate that any self-respecting Long-tailed Duck would have been long gone from there soon enough. It was fun while it lasted.

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  1. As a newbie to birdwatching, I have to ask: what is the long tailed bit? If I saw the bird locally in south London, where I live, I would put it down to some cross-breeding opportunity.

    Is there a good guide (preferably online) to the various types of ducks? I saw some strange ones in St Albans recently, one of which was a Mallard/Aylesbury cross apparently but there's still at least one that I can't identify (think very large female Tufted duck that was hanging around mallards).