Saturday, 4 May 2013

Stalking seagulls

I've got a big gathering of large gulls on Greenland Dock, next to my flat in Rotherhithe, at the moment. They may look a little worse for wear at this time of year, and they're all non-breeding youths cackling away. Early this morning as I was heading out to Crossness, I found this 1st-summer Herring Gull and bizarrely the ring combination rang a bell for some reason: -
Herring Gull VY8T Rotherhithe, London 4th May 2013
When I got home, I checked my geeky 'gull rings 2013' spreadsheet and hey presto, I'd seen this bird on the tip in Essex on 16th March 2013 (and it had been ringed at Rainham, London, on 15th December 2013). Here's a shot of it from March: -
Herring Gull VY8T Essex 16th March 2013
Otherwise, today at Crossness was quiet except for an unobliging male Whinchat in the paddocks and a couple of Arctic Terns bombing west past the outfall mid morning. I went there on Thursday too, where there was a Turtle Dove (a rare sight these days) and a Green Sandpiper amongst the usuals, while a couple of Common Terns seem to be back in Rotherhithe today. Hope there is some action this Bank Holiday...

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