Sunday, 28 April 2013

BTGs and GWT at Crossness today

Uneventful across the country today, with a real turn in wind direction and drop in temperature. I hadn't had a lie in past 7.30am for over a month, so deserved the one I had this morning to recharge the batteries. John A had done Crossness in the morning, so I decided that a late afternoon visit was the way forward, especially with more overcast conditions forecast.

It was quiet though with no noticeable passage and just the usuals to look at. So with the 35 Icelandic Black-tailed Godwits looking better and better by the day, I focused on them for a bit. In this flock was one ringed bird that has been present in the Crossness/Barking Bay area since 31st March: -
Black-tailed Godwit - ringed at Levington on the Orwell Estuary, Suffolk on 18th August 2008 then seen at Alton Water, Suffolk on 1st September 2009, Abberton Resr, Essex 19th September 2009, Loire Estuary, France 14th February 2010, Ouderkerk, The Netherlands 16th March 2010, Trimley, Suffolk 22nd July 2010, Cliffe, Kent 13th July 2011, Rainham, London 27th December 2011 and then Manningtree, Essex 16th September 2012 before turning up here in late March (look here to see how much it has moulted).
Jim Wilson flagged up a project that he's involved in on one of my earlier posts, where three schools (one in Ireland, one in Devon and one in Iceland) have got together, promoting awareness of this species. Have a little look here if you fancy it.

The numbers of Black-headed Gulls are building up again at Crossness - presumably non-breeders - so I'm wondering whether either of the two Bonaparte's Gulls from last May will come again. However, the current yank was back. It obviously has good taste, preferring south of the river after its day trip to Rainham yesterday.
drake Green-winged Teal - several observers have commented on the more extensive 'mane' of this bird compared to the drake Eurasian Teals. This photo, taken today, exemplifies this.

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  1. Wow, what a change a few weeks makes!! Cracking bird and sure it will be off very soon, lets hope it makes it back in the autumn.