Monday, 11 March 2013

juvenile Thayer's Gull photoshoot

I've finally managed to sort through, and near enough categorise, all the 1000s of gull images that I took in California. As one of the main targets of the trip was to have a look at Thayer's Gulls, I'll start with this species. Here are a load of juveniles - all taken in the period 16th to 23rd February 2013. Hope this will be useful viewing either now, or when the next candidate turns up in Britain or Ireland. Structurally they were very variable, ranging from snouty to rather meagre, Iceland Gull-like birds. One thing I have learnt is the variability of the species, and note in the following images the plumage wear and variable scapular moult (which is apparent in some of these birds, countering the popular late 90s/early noughties belief of Thayer's not showing this in midwinter).

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