Sunday, 3 March 2013

California dreamscapes

I'm still going through and trying to index all my Californian gull images, so in the meantime thought it'd be nice to share a few atmospheric, more general shots just so you get a feel of what the place was like. It's one of those places that I'll go back to once again - stunning landscapes with the type of birding that I enjoy. As always, click on the image to make it larger.
Gulls watching the surf at Jenner

The boys with the boys at Petaluma - 18 birds of how many species?

And back to the coast. Californian larus style line up.

Another park and another load of showy gulls.

Californian gulling was generally in pretty spectacular locations.

Photographing the Rock Sandpiper at Bodega involved a slightly precarious climb down to the wave cut platform.

Having found an old chair, I chilled out while watching a Wilson's Warbler at Bodega Bay.

Big landscapes and big birds (condors) at Big Sur.

Sea arch into the sun at Jenner.

Deserted beach at Bodega Head just prior to dusk.
Route 1 just south of Monterey.

Russian River mouth with piled up driftwood.

Snow covered mountain peaks between Mines Road and San Jose.

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