Saturday, 13 October 2012

Yellow-legged Gulls in the hand

An early start, and back into the routine of visiting Pitsea landfill site to get some close gull action. Today started off worryingly, with news that there's a DEFRA directive of no food waste on landfill sites - with little of the 'good stuff for gulls' now coming to the main tip. Fortunately, some moist stuff does still get in with the dry waste so the gulls were out in force. So much so that we were on the tip from 7am til 4pm, which meant 3 catches - a massive 569 gulls ringed in total, including 3 Yellow-legged Gulls (all colour-ringed) with just a small selection of the shots that I took of these three birds here: -
Adult (colour-ringed YJ4T)

Adult (colour-ringed YJ5T)

2nd-winter (colour-ringed YJ6T)

395 Herring Gulls were processed, of which I ringed a few...
Also, be on the lookout for colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls - 52 birds with yellow rings starting 2A followed by another two letters were processed today.
On the way out, there was a nice showy fox that didn't seem too bothered with me papping it as it devoured Hawky's leftover sandwiches.

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