Thursday, 18 October 2012

Med Gull - Polish origin traced

A couple of weeks ago on 7th October, I saw this adult Med Gull in the ASDA car park off Bugsby's Way, North Greenwich, London: -

PJN0 was ringed as a nestling in Western Poland on 21st June 2009 at Zb. Nyski, Wojcice, OPolskie - 749 miles straight line distance from Greenwich.
It was seen again at its birth site on 27th May 2011, as a second-summer, but hadn't been seen since. It's always fascinating tracking indvidual birds, and you get a lot of info from colour-ringing gulls compared to a lot of other ringing schemes. I'll be interested to see whether this bird lingers around Greenwich for the winter, or whether it has already headed off (I couldn't find it this weekend in a couple of brief looks). And also, will it be back to breed in the colony of its birth next summer?

Thanks to Adam Bassett for his assistance, as well as the Polish Bird Ringing Scheme.

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