Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer doldrums finally set in

I've kept on giving it a go the last couple of days. But that time of year has well and truly happened - everything is where it needs to be, spring migration has stopped and it's just the odd random waif or stray to be found by the lucky man. I even had a lie in yesterday, not arriving until gone 9am. It didn't matter as there'd been zero migrants. I mixed it up again today, doing some bits and bobs in the morning, before venturing out along the Thames path at Crossness this afternoon. Quiet once again, bar a 1st-summer Mediterranean Gull at the outfall.
1st-summer Mediterranean Gull, Crossness 6/6/12
Perhaps there is still one last blast of something this spring - only a year ago today the White-throated Robin turned up at Hartlepool. Seems like it's going to be unseasonably windy over the next few days though, and it could all now be about waiting for return wader passage to begin... in over a month's time! We'll see.

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