Monday, 4 June 2012

ringed Yellow-legged Gull at Crossness

Another cold morning at Crossness today, made more so by trampling in some long grass getting my trainers and jeans soaking wet. A Sanderling off the golf centre was a real bonus, as I thought the flock a couple of days ago would be the last of the spring. There was also a 1st-summer Mediterranean Gull on the mud as well as a couple of NTGG ringed gulls - one of these was a second-summer Yellow-legged Gull. It'll have been ringed at Rainham but it'll be interesting to see if it has been wandering around since. Other Yellow-legged Gulls ringed at Rainham have been seen, for example, in Portugal and France. There were also 3 1st-summer Y-l Gulls present.
Yellow-legged Gull YL3T
The outfall and West Paddock were dead, and in desperation John A and I headed to southern marsh to see if we could re-live the dream from 5 years ago.
5 years ago
But it was not to be, and I ended up falling on my arse, literally. A combination of slippery mud and lack of grip. Just glad John A didn't have his camera out.

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