Monday, 2 January 2012

A bit more Casp loving

I left it pretty late to get out this morning, wanting to make the most of the last day of the holidays to have a decent sleep. But when I'd decided what to do, and on my way to Crossness, John A phoned to say that the adult Casp (the same as the one I'd found yesterday) was showing relatively well in the decent sunlight. Given that there wasn't a single Casp at Crossness in 2011, it was rude not to get amongst this classic beast from the east once again.
A total classic - beady, dark eye, parallel-sided bill with slight dark marking on gonys, tepid-coloured legs
Lovely sloped forehead, slightly dark mantle (on a par with argentatus perhaps, though lacking the bluish tinge) and loads of white in those primaries - a nice extensive white tip to P10

Rather burnt out image! But nice bayonets, with grey of the outer primaries extending into the black wingtips on the inner webs, on the upperwing, extensive white tip to P10 and pale underwing tongue.
Nice shot of the extensive pale tongue to P10, with the outer web wholly pale, and a narrow black band on the inner web. P9 with similarly extensive white tip to P10 with a slight black subterminal mark.

Once the Casp headed off over the river, having watching it for a fair while, I had a quick walk to the outfall - where there was little - and then back to the car.
Teal at Crossness - glad I don't have to grub around in the Thames mud for my dinner
Rotherhithe was pretty slow, with just the usuals in Russia Dock Woodland last knock-ins and this lovely breeding plumaged Herring Gull.
Midlands gull roost watchers be warned... it's that time of the year again. Do not use the 'white-headed' approach to Yellow-legged Gull identification; some Herring Gulls have already completed their head moult, feeling rather frisky too 

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  1. Nice shots and very instructive, for me, i am in the Midlands so i will heed your advice!

    Laurie -