Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gulls - the good and the ugly

In from a bit of a manic day, travelling down to Dungeness for my final KOS rarities panel meeting - 5 years done and dusted, enjoyed my time and I'd recommend anyone to do something like this at some stage if they can. The half hour before the meeting was spent with a longstaying northern beast of a Glaucous Gull.
the resident 3cy Glauc at Dunge
Before this, I had an early start and a morning with the gulls and the NTGG this morning. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about Herring Gulls too, with several argentatus studied in the hand; useful to understand how they're raced... more to come at some stage on this.
gulls on the tip

A nice adult Herring Gull

but not everyone is born with good looks...

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  1. Look forward to the Herring Gull stuff - that lower one's an ugly bugger!.......

    Laurie -