Sunday, 7 August 2016

Namibia quick update

Just a quick update on the first week here in Namibia. We've been here since Tuesday, travelling south and west from Windhoek into the Namib Desert and then up onto the coast to the Walvis Bay/Swakopmund area - so far a night in Windhoek, a night in Bullsport then two nights at Kulala Desert Lodge and then here in Swakopmund. If you like aridity, deserts, wide landscapes and a distinct lack of people then this is a decent place to come. The South Atlantic midwinter rollers aren't too shoddy either. This isn't a hardcore birding trip, but I have managed to squeeze a bit in along with some mammal viewing: -
Dune Lark - Namibia's only truly endemic species
Ruppell's Korhaan
Pied Crow
Kalahari Scrub Robin
Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
Black-backed Jackal
African Wild Cat
And of course what trip of mine wouldn't be complete without some of these: -
adult Kelp Gull

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