Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Duncannon dipping

Last Sunday, Sir Killian found an adult Vega Gull at Duncannon, County Wexford. Possibly the classiest find and illustration of skill you're likely to see. With others, I ended up spending more time than I wanted at Duncannon with little reward - the bird had flown or at least it wasn't in the immediate area. This area of southwest Wexford was actually a part of Ireland I'd not visited before, so the huge numbers of gulls around taking advantage of huge numbers of sprat was a bit of a surprise. Apparently this is an annual phenonemon...
sprat catching gulls Duncannon, Wexford 16th January 2016
Duncannon, however, is not a site you'd want to be searching for a lone gull - it's on a wide estuary that spans right the way down to Hook Head with gulls moving in and out with the trawlers. The Vega Gull could still be about of course, but with a full set of wings through regrowth imminent, it'll be that bit harder to pick out going forward too. As it is with most sites in Ireland, there is always the chance of a white winger or two so true to form, I noted a couple of juvenile Iceland Gulls and a juvenile Glaucous Gull during my visits.
juvenile Iceland Gull Duncannon, Wexford 16th January 2016
There was also a ringed Great Black-backed Gull from Skokholm first thing too, and with some decent company and guys I hadn't seen for a while, it wasn't too arduous to be honest. I also worked out that the thermals I'd bought for Japan are a very useful addition when sleeping in the car in Britain and Ireland.

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