Saturday, 12 December 2015

Another Polish ringed Caspian Gull

It continues to remain really mild here in the SE of England. I've not felt seriously cold at Dungeness so far this winter. So it's therefore a little odd that there seems to have been so many Caspian Gulls coming through this autumn and winter period - perhaps it's a sign of the times what with its extended breeding range. There'd been at least three birds through during the week while I was stuck in the cesspit that's called work.

Today was fairly slow. In fact, by midday there'd been absolutely nothing bar one ringed gull. Quite nice to be out on a blustery day, and a couple of Kittiwakes were feeding amongst the Black-headed Gulls just off the fishing boats. Lashings of bread and fish failed to bring anything in bar a couple of ringed Great Black-backed Gulls that I'd seen several times before - one from the Channel Islands and the other typically Norwegian. And so I decided to have a walk around the area and check the roosts, where I found this handsome Polish chap...

3rd-winter Caspian Gull 'PNXB' Dungeness, Kent 12th December 2015
Once Richard S whacked out some popcorn at the puddles, it was there in a flash. In fact, it remained there right until I had to leave mid afternoon to go and do some Christmas chores. It's the first third-winter I've seen at Dungeness, and looking forward to getting the ring details back over the next couple of days. Unfortunately though this will probably be my last Caspian Gull of 2015, as from this time next week into the New Year, I'll be in a land with no Casps (but plenty of other gulls).

Finally, a plea for anyone reading this who also reads gull rings - I've stopped bothering to submit my sightings of Sussex ringed birds such as the one below as I never get a response these days. Anyone having any better luck getting replies on this ringing scheme, please contact me.
Sussex-ringed Herring Gull 'A3BJ' - a gull with no history...

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