Friday, 10 July 2015

Yellow-legged Gulls and old friends in Rotherhithe

There was quite a bit of gull movement on the river by my flat this week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. Post-work juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls on each day were nice, different individuals and both enjoying the daily rations of bread that I provide!
juvenile Yellow-legged Gull bird 1 - 7th July 2015

juvenile Yellow-legged Gull bird 2 - 8th July 2015

Compared to the 1st bird, note the more uniform dark tertials and greater barring on the rectrices
This evening, a 2nd-summer Herring Gull with a NTGG ring was on Greenland Dock - a bit of geeking at my spreadsheet when I got home showed that I'd seen it at Dungeness last November!
2nd-summer Herring Gull D9DT - ringed at Rainham Tip, London on 30th November 2013 and then I saw it at Dungeness on 9th November 2014. Nice to be reacquainted!
Hopefully this weekend will be another gull filled one.

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