Sunday 2 December 2012

Ghetto superstar

Arriving back from an enjoyable time with my parents in Hants, and with Karen off to Westfield, there was an opportunity for me to hit the local area hard this afternoon. Glorious sunshine and a walk in Russia Dock Woodland produced a nice, pale looking Chiffchaff (an abietinus-like bird) as well as a nice male Siskin along with a few active Goldcrests. The berry bushes were, unfortunately, pink punkless.

Southwark Park held 6 Shoveler and a few raucous Ring-necked Parakeets, while going more ghetto-style with my cap on (avoids kids I teach recognising me), I ventured deeper into the urban jungle to Burgess Park, between Peckham and Walworth Road - scene of the odd Giggs video as well as gangstas, wannabe gangstas and pikey alcoholic white trash that have been known to hurl abuse at me. All worth it though today, as my Ghetto superstar was back: -

adult (6th-calendar year) Med Gull, Burgess Park 2nd Dec 2012
I first found this bird as a second-winter in November 2008, and I was a little worried that it had died, as I didn't see it after the cold snap last winter and this is the latest it has returned (I've been checking this site pretty much weekly recently too). So happy days - if you fancy seeing it, just park in Cobourg Road just off the Old Kent Road and chuck out some bread on the newly landscaped lake.

You'll also be familiar that when the birding is on the quiet side, I always try and read BTO rings by taking photos of them in the field. So at Canada Water and Southwark Park this afternoon, I did just this. Name that foot...

Remarkable what you can cram into a winter afternoon's birding in southeast London, a place many wouldn't even contemplate looking around for birds.

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