Thursday 1 November 2012

Getting back to full fitness

I'll tell you what, if I lived on Corvo I would be as fit as a fiddle. Started off in Lighthouse Valley, where predictably there was no sign of the Prairie Warbler though 2 Cranes flew over, presumably heading towards the caldeirao. Really bizarre stuff to see them on this island in the mid-Atlantic - totally lost on Corvo.

Arthur and I then split up, in the vain hope of seeing an elusive spotted, chestnut backed thrush - I did Cancelas and he did Fojo - but to no avail. We met up again, and headed up painfully to the reservoir. Up to 5 White-rumped Sands, a Semi-p Plover, a Wheatear and 25+ Snow Buntings were our total rewards. Then, heading down towards the power station, I saw a thrush with white tail feathers through the corner of my eye and, bang, there was an American Robin - same bird as last seen on 21st. In between their taxi rides, the Finns had seen a Spotted Crake in Da Ponte and an Osprey over.

Back down in the village late on, and there was the Mourning Dove sat on the track really not fussed with us all staring at it. Memories of this bird's state brought me back to the near motionless bird I saw on the Hebs back in 1999 (when it was still a real mega!). Presumably it'll be local cat food. Last half hour of light was spent looking out to sea - 20 or so Great Shearwaters in amongst the 1000s of Cory's.
Mourning Dove - Corvo cat fodder

American Robin record shot, but as the famous Corvo saying goes 'no photo, no bird'
Last day on Corvo tomorrow, and far too short a trip because of the weather (and my job).

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