Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Motley Crew in Croatia

Anyone like Yellow-legged Gulls? Well, if you don't then I'd advise you to look away now. Even if you do, there are a fair few scraggy characters here that may put you off your dinner. All are 2nd calendar year birds that I photographed at Zadar, Croatia last week when I was there for a few days of chillout with Karen. A lovely place by the way, but some of the gulls were truly minging as you'll see. Real variation in these birds moult wise - some looking absolutely screwed with dropped primaries, secondaries and tertials while some fairly retarded moult wise.

Rather pale underwing (what's left of its wing!)

Saved the best til last... a rather ill-looking bird with an extremely long, parallel-sided bill. Difficult to do much with this bird plumage wise to suggest exactly what it is, as I imagine some people may be surprised to label it as a Yl Gull

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