Thursday, 1 December 2011

Two great results

Ok, I've not mentioned this before on here. But, as you know by the name of this blog, my patch is Rotherhithe - even though it's pretty dire most of the time, at least I'm fortunate to live on my patch. And I live on an area of water called Greenland Dock...
aythya flock on Greenland Dock
So with 2012 and the dreaded Olympics only just around the corner, there was a proposed application to put 225 extra moorings on Greenland Dock for the Olympics next summer. I, along with loads of other local residents, had written with concern for this development (thinking that the extra moorings would become permanent rather than temporary). Thankfully, today, I heard that the planning committee refused it by majority vote because due to environmental concerns and loss of amenity for both disabled and able-bodied sailors using Tideway Sailability. We're still a little worried that the Council will try other means to get these moorings installed, as it'll be a decent money spinner for them. But the first battle, at least, is won.
Great Crested Grebe and co., Greenland Dock
Oystercatcher, Greenland Dock - graced the place for a few days in early spring a couple of years ago
Scaup - one of four present on Greenland Dock last winter
And the second massive result is that God has spoken - the Long-toed Stint at Weirwood Reservoir was one (seemingly an adult). For all those people who were doubting any video material, then suffice to say it just about did what it needed to do regarding proving the bird's identification.


  1. What's dire about Rotherhithe? It's a great part of London. What are you talking about?

  2. It's been a couple of decaded since i have been in the Rotherhithe area so i cannot comment on how the area has changed but i think he meant 'dire' as far as birds were concerned? Most local patch birders who are non-coastal would describe their patch as dire on a bird blog.......I know i would, and do!

    Laurie -

  3. Nothing's dire about Rotherhithe - I really enjoy living in the place. So close to Central London, The Thames with some nice urban wildlife habitat. But as StourbridgeRantBoy states, us inland local patchers do have a lot of dull days when we see very little in the way of birdies. That's what's dire...