Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cabo Verde... a recent trip.

This blog is bouncing around a bit, and I imagine it will continue to do so...

At the end of April and start of May, I managed to use the Royal Wedding weekend to its full potential. I watched the event on the TV while whacking out a lesson on coastal erosion for my Year 7s. And then, as soon as it was over, I hot footed it to Gatwick and the fun began. By the early hours of Saturday morning, I was in Praia... capital of the island of Santiago, Cabo Verde! You'll find my trip report here - enjoy it, fully loaded with photos and the usual [anally retentive] detailed directions etc.

You'll have seen the way the islands are trying to pump themselves up as a holiday destination, and even since my 1st visit 4 years ago things have changed - Boavista and Santiago now have their own international airports, whereas previously you had to fly to Sal and then do internal flights using the rather unreliable TACV. But the good news is, at least on Santiago, tourism seems to be taking off in a sustainable way. Not sure that this is the case on Boavista though, looking at the massive hotels being advertised in a brochure I received a few weeks back. Just hope they don't mess up that lovely beach at Curral Velho. 

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