Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Siberian Rubythroat Hoogwoud, The Netherlands

I guess this is one of those posts where pictures speak louder than words. A (long) day trip to The Netherlands - getting a 00.15 train from Folkestone through The Channel Tunnel and coming back on a 20.50 return from Calais. Back for Match of the Day, and split between four of us, £42 each (tunnel and petrol) further discounted by purchasing a crate of wine as well as a Pine Bunting (I'll post later) and Alexandrine Parakeets thrown in.
1st-winter male Siberian Rubythroat Hoogwoud, The Netherlands 5th March 2016
I'd contemplated this trip with Steve A for ages, and glad we bit the bullet so late on to be honest - a really small crowd, the bird singing (click here for a video I took) and showing to just a few feet as it favoured undergrowth and an adjacent alleyway. Not much more to say really so here you go...

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