Tuesday, 22 March 2016

a not so common scoter

On Monday morning, a Common Scoter was found on the lake at Southwark Park. A crippling record for Rotherhithe, and with the lake itself pretty small, the views were excellent. Last night it didn't help that I arrived late, and without my camera! Seeing it diving about among some newly hatched Egyptian Geese was slightly bizarre though. With it still being about today, I decided to have some more prolonged second looks in the last hour of light.
female Common Scoter Southwark Park 22nd March 2016
Good to see a pair of Little Grebe on Southwark Park lake too - not always a permanent fixture here in Rotherhithe. Nice also to see a bit more coverage here the past few weeks, though not by me with work and life meaning I've been neglecting the local area recently unfortunately.

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