Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Showy juvenile Yellow-legged Gull in Rotherhithe

Growing up in the Cheshire countryside I was used to Nuthatches, Treecreepers and breeding Spotted Flycatchers in my garden. Here in Rotherhithe, by my flat, it's Egyptian Geese, Ring-necked Parakeet and chuck in a few ducks and gulls too; that's your lot. And since Monday, a really showy juvenile Yellow-legged Gull has taken a liking to the area and of course I've been feeding it some nice wholemeal bread for supper.
juvenile Yellow-legged Gull Rotherhithe, London 9th July 2014
Although we're reaching the time when the first Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls will be leaving their nests here in London, they're often still dependent on their parents not to mention they look extremely fresh. Besides the tail pattern differences of course, this is quite a slight bird and once again these photos illustrate how the differences in posture and light change a bird's appearance. Photos are comprised from today and Monday.

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