Sunday, 20 July 2014

Good gulling in Rotherhithe

There really was no need to go anywhere today. Though I did toy with the idea of going to Cavenham to see the Black-winged Stilt family, I quickly sat back down and reviewed all the times I'd moaned about the raucous nature of the species and how little I actually look at them when they're slap bang in front of me abroad. So why bother driving a couple of hours? So I didn't.

But I did head to Crossness to see Ian M, back from Worcestershire for the day and wanting a quick walk around his ex-patch. Good to see him but the birding was suboptimal - 3 Yellow-legged Gulls, 5 Teal and a Common Sandpiper to be precise.

juvenile Mediterranean Gull, Rotherhithe 20th July 2014
Back in Rotherhithe, having done a load of household chores, I headed out to the river and got Karen to whack out a load of bread while I papped the gang. And, in between showers, a nice juvenile Mediterranean Gull showed up off Greenland Pier; the first of the year here. Added to that, there was also a brute of a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull bossing the show - along with the usual juvenile still on Greenland Dock along with 6 Common Terns, including 3 juveniles.

juvenile Yellow-legged Gull off Greenland Pier, Rotherhithe 20th July 2014 - different bird to the regular individual (that is still also present today)

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