Sunday, 1 July 2012

Birding boredom

It's a painstaking post this one. I keep kicking myself as I really should have gone away in my spring half-term... but rest assured, I won't be making that mistake again. I have been birding, or at least trying to pull something out of the bag, here in this London birding abyss of late June/early July. And what have I seen since my last post - 3 Egyptian Geese and a ringed Herring Gull in Rotherhithe. The Common Terns have predictably abandoned nesting this year due to the appalling weather, having been flooded out from their nesting platforms on Surrey Water.

Even Crossness failed to deliver anything special, with the regular Med Gulls seemingly abandoning ship and no Thames seabird despite the blustery weather. Bar a single Curlew, one of those hybrid Shelducks still lingering and large numbers of Black-headed Gulls, the notebook was pretty empty as I managed to miss John A's 1st-summer Little Gull on West Paddock, due to my inability to get out of bed anytime before late.
Black-headed Gull Crossness, May 2012
So it's been a virtual birding week for me through the net - looking at various photos from Alaskan voyages or Australian pelagics etc etc, as well as trying to gen up on my west coast US trip in the next few weeks - so it will soon be my time again to see some birds. Thank God.

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