Saturday, 23 June 2012

A London Gannet

Bizarrely John A and I had been talking about a Gannet at Crossness this morning, as one had been seen over Surrey yesterday evening. Anyway, as it was, one ended up on East Warwick Reservoir, one of the Walthamstow reservoirs. Only 10 miles away from Rotherhithe, it was too good to miss and bizarrely I'd never seen one of these big boys inland either. A really enjoyable trip, with Karen even quite enjoying seeing it, and a bizarre sight too seeing it amongst Canada Geese and soaring above the London skyline. Looks like it's a 3rd calendar year bird (2nd-summer).

Not that sure what this bird's fate will be sadly, but fingers crossed. Perhaps it's just disoriented, much like the Yellow-nosed Albatross a few years ago that, after being photographed on a pond in Lincolnshire, managed to find the open seas again in Sweden.

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