Saturday, 6 January 2018

Iceland Gull at Crayford

Had a few hours out and about locally today. Firstly around Rotherhithe, where the gulls were quiet and then, fourth trip this winter to Burgess Park in Peckham - once again no sign of the previously wintering Mediterranean Gull there, which I originally found back in 2008, so assume it's now no longer with us. Sad times. But anyway, to blow the cobwebs off after a return to school midweek, I headed to Crayford to spend a couple of hours with the gulls there. And within 15 minutes, I'd found a nice juvenile Iceland Gull at the back of the flock.
juvenile Iceland Gull Crayford, London 6th January 2018
In typical 21st century style, I watched it for a few seconds, got some shots with the camera and then started taking some BOC (back of camera) shots with my phone. Turned around, and all the birds had flown off. That'll teach me for being a slave to the technology, as it didn't come back! But there were a couple of Yellow-legged Gulls (a second-winter and first-winter), as well as this adult Caspian-type Gull that Andy L found: -
adult Caspian Gull (or hybrid) Crayford, London 6th January 2018
Looks ok for an adult Caspian Gull, but there is a little bit too much of a dark underside to P10 for my liking, though perhaps this is the posture too. It never did fly, or at least when it did I was reading the rings of the large numbers of Black-headed Gulls which included this adult Mediterranean Gull (2E50) that had been ringed at Pitsea back in 2013.
adult Mediterranean Gull 2E50 Crayford, London 6th January 2018
So that was that, back to a warm flat and a relaxing Saturday evening.

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