Thursday, 20 July 2017

juvenile Caspian Gulls in Romania - a belated post

Late July last year (2016) I headed out to Romania and never got round to posting my images. I have a feeling it was because as soon as I got back, I headed straight out to Namibia. Essentially it was a post-school break up trip to see a few juvenile Caspian Gulls, but given the amount of general birdlife about, it was just a nice break if I'm honest - Red-footed Falcons, Red-backed and Lesser Grey Shrikes. So just in time for this year's influx of eastern yutes into the UK, here is a reminder of what they look like - slick, dark based tertials with that typical 'thumbnail', medium brown upperparts with delicate pale edgings, nice dark based greater-coverts, barrel-chested, pale/lightly barred underwing and nice slim, long legs. Enjoy the shots...
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juvenile Caspian Gulls Mamaia/Vadu, Romania July 2016
I enjoyed it so much that, you never know, I might even go again at some point!

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