Saturday, 19 April 2014

Final full day in Texas

The last couple of weeks have been jam packed with birds and in total it looks like we'll be ending the trip on 316 species which includes 35 wood warblers, 6 species of owl and 19 species of sparrow. Not bad at all, but a lot of effort has been put in. Guess it's going to be back to work for a holiday!

The final full day in Texas has, like all good things, has just come to an end. Two lifers today, Nelson's Sparrow and King Rail, as well as some splendid Wilson's Phalaropes and a shed load of other dudey waterbird stuff. Up until the last couple of days, we'd neglected looking at waders and other waterbirds to a large extent but made up for it today, as the dreaded southerly winds meant there were more chumps than birds in the woods at High Island. So here's a selection of dudey waterbird snaps from today to keep things going til I'm back in good old London town.
Willet Bolivar Flats 18th April 2014

Reddish Egret Bolivar Flats 18th April 2014

Snowy Plover Bolivar Flats 18th April 2014

Long-billed Dowitcher Tuna Road 18th April 2014
American Dunlin Tuna Road 18th April 2014

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