Monday, 7 October 2013

A quick trip to Kent

After yet another weekend has gone, and it's back into the school routine supplemented by being the Azores Bird Sightings bitch (a job in itself in October!), time to reflect quickly on yesterday's events.

News of the continued presence of a nice adult Lesser Grey Shrike on Sheppey, well found by Mike Buckland the previous evening, meant John A and I headed out of London for a change of scene. Arriving at Harty Marshes in the warm sunlight was pleasant for the time of year, and though a lovely bird, the harsh light, haze and distance put the whole event in the 'good scope views' category. I haven't seen too many Lesser Grey Shrikes in Britain, so a nice adult like this was decent enough.
adult Lesser Grey Shrike Harty Ferry, Kent 6th October 2013 - a bit distant but note the extensive white primary bases, long primary projection, white outertail and pale-based bill
After yesterday's dip, we then re-visited Cliffe and the Lesser Yellowlegs was seen from the viewing ramp; looking into the bright sunlight, rather distant and with a haze probably ranked this as one of my more forgettable experiences of this species, not least with the showy bird in Galway a couple of weeks ago still in the recent past.

Back in London, there was no sign of the Little Gull at Woolwich Ferry and with the Thames Barrier having a test day, and with its gates up, loads of gulls were attracted to the churned up sediment and current; shame that I could only find a single adult Yellow-legged Gull amongst the larids. So that was it for the first October weekend of 2013

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