Thursday, 16 August 2012

juvenile Med Gull still showing well at Rotherhithe

I'll make no apologies for this post, firstly as Med Gulls are probably my favourite species of gull - so that means my favourite species of bird. Secondly, in bird starved Central London, you rarely get highlights and if you do you've worked hard for them. And thirdly when a bird is showing as well as this juvenile Med Gull was this morning, again coming to crackers at Greenland Pier, then it deserves a bit of attention and a few photos. An absolutely lovely bird just a few steps from my flat.

Unfortunately for Mr Lethbridge and Dave DL, who both searched mid morning, I think I fed it too well and there was no sign. There were also 3 Common Sandpipers doing their thing off Greenland Pier this morning. Remarkably my record count for the site (and perhaps Inner London?).

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