Wednesday, 16 May 2012

East London melody

A quick trip after school produced decent enough, but not spectacular, views of a Melodious Warbler in a holly bush within striking distance of all the Olympic commotion.The little blighter didn't sing at all when I was there, or at least not knowingly as anything bar the endless passing cars was difficult to hear.
Brownish legs and deep based, orange bill

Capturing the typical posture you'd expect for this species

A decent hour or two this evening with the bird, and evidently appreciated by all the London big dick players as they've been a bit thin on the ground over the last couple of decades within the capital. Good to see a whole host of people there including John A, Paul H, Dave W and Barry R. Quote of the day to LGRE who greeted me with 'those are snazzy shoes Rich', relating to my pretty average looking work shoes. And that's coming from a man who revels in his trademark white slip ons. Genius.
Looks atypically round headed in this shot, as it looks towards the camera.

Nice brownish legs. Shame this is taken from below, but with a bit of imagination you can just about make out the tail projecting beyong the wingtip twice the length of the primary projection.

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