Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pelagics anyone?

There is a weekend of pelagics planned off Lanzarote on 18th and 19th of August. Anyone up for it? I'm already going. Ryanair flights from Stansted are reasonably priced for the time of year, and with South Polar Skua and Black-bellied Storm-petrel recorded on these last September then you never know what will be seen this year. As well as the possibility of extreme rares, you'd imagine that in amongst all those Cory's Shears you will get a few Madeiran, Wilson's and White-faced Storm-petrels. On each of the pelagics last year, all these species were recorded - have a look at the tally chart here (scroll down) for the scores last year.
Wilson's SP off Graciosa, Azores, June 2011
It's also a real shame that I can't go on Peter Alfrey's superb Azores pelagic this year though - just a conflict with dates when I'll be away with Karen this summer. Totally gutted as it was a brilliant experience to see Monteiro's Storm-petrel up close and personal last year, and it's only time before they record a Trindade or Black-capped Petrel. I'm also thinking about trying to get out to Hatteras early June, as flights aren't too bad price wise to fly into Norfolk, Virginia. Send me an email if you want any info on any of the above ideas as I'm lonesome on them all at present.

Looking forward to getting out on Saturday, because if the weather forecast is correct, there could be a few Black and Arctic Terns, and Little Gulls, in southeast London.

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