Sunday, 7 August 2011

Birds in central HK

Birding is, unsurprisingly, pretty slow in Hong Kong in August. With daytime temperatures in the mid 30s and pretty grim humidity, it's no wonder that the birds keep low. However, there are normally a few bulbuls calling away along with the odd Myna or Black-collared Starling. In the skies, Black Kites are the major players.
All the rage in the early 21st century...
I've also managed to walk round a few of the parks, as well as The Peak, and Black-throated and Masked Laughingthrushes seem to be relatively easy to see. Also quite a lot of Common Tailorbirds and Japanese White-eyes, but that's about it in the way of small passerines; obviously in wintertime the place would be full of Sibes.
Masked Laughingthrush
Also, alongside a few captive birds, at Kowloon Park a few Black-crowned Night Herons show well and are easy to photograph.
juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron
And just to round the HK leg of the trip off before tomorrow's flight to Surabaya, a couple more from Mai Po: -

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